Twenty Years after 911

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 37

September 13, 2021

Twenty Years after 911

I wrote this blog as I watched television coverage of the 911 Memorial. This, of course, is the twentieth anniversary of that murderous act. When I see it, I still get angry as I did twenty years ago. This anniversary is unique compared to the commemorations in the past. During the past commemorations, our military has been fighting in Afghanistan. This year, our military has left that country. Donald Trump signed the agreement and Joe Biden carried it out. The Taliban, with whom we fought in Afghanistan, now rules that nation. I don’t doubt that our military did thwart many potential terrorist attacks and yet I wonder if our real security doesn’t lie in other responses.

From what I read; terrorists are frequently funded by Middle Eastern oil money. I can’t help but wonder if the best way to attack terrorists is to attack their oil money. What if we Americans cut our energy uses. Upgrading our automobile technology and put money into renewable energy research might bring us closes to being independent of Middle East oil. The fewer oil dollars that we send to that region, the fewer resources that Middle East terrorists will have. What if we took the money that we had been spending on the military in Afghanistan and put it into renewable energy research? That is a lot of money!

We have been fighting a War on Terror for twenty years. Maybe it is time to fight this war economically instead of militarily. Perhaps that is the best tribute to those who died because of the 911 attacks and those brave soldiers who were killed, injured, or traumatized in this war. Can we make this happen? I bet we can.

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