It’s Too Late Now!

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 38

September 20, 2021

It’s Too Late Now!

A month or so ago, I read a news article on the Yahoo news feed. It was an intriguing story of the pain a sadness of physicians who have been working diligently during the Covid-19 plague. One doctor, who works in a Southern state where the value of Covid vaccinations are minimized, told a very heart-wrenching story.

This physician had been fighting to save the life of an un-vaccinated patient who contracted Covid and whose condition was worsening. As he neared death, he looked at the doctor and asked if he could get the Covid-19 vaccine. The doctor had to tell him sadly, “It’s too late now.” Yes, the man died a few days later.

There are times in life when we wait too long and it is “too late.” I’ve not experienced it, but I know people who have arrived too late to the airport and missed a flight. Somethings in life have timeframes which are inflexible.

Relationships are especially like this. I have met a number of people who were estranged from family or friends. When the family member or friend dies without a reconciliation, the surviving member feels guilt knowing that reconciliation is not possible. It is too late.

How about your relationship with God? Will you build one before it is too late? Do you visit with God in his house? Do you talk to him each day? When was the last time that you inquired from God what he wishes you to do. This recent plague has taught us all that life is short. Our time to die has come any day. Have you made good plans to meet God face to face? If not, why not? If you wait too long to get right with God it might be “too late.”

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