Miracles Neededc

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 14

May 6, 2019

Miracles Needed

Miracles. They are unpredictable. I wish that I could call up miracles on demand. Jesus assured his disciples that they could move mountains with just a small amount of faith and yet I’ve never found that ability within me. Likewise, Jesus told his disciples that they could ask anything in his name, and it would be granted them. Is this promise only for these original disciples or does it apply to us? There have been times that I have needed a miracle, have prayed for one, but it never seemed to come.

Several years ago, a young woman in our congregation developed mesothelioma. Things looked hopeless for her, but our congregation prayed for the miracle. A specialist was found who had a unique treatment. This young woman received the treatment, that was a bit harsh, even by cancer treatment standards and we became optimistic. She and her husband adopted a little boy. I had the pleasure of baptizing him. The miracle did not last long. Now three years later, her cancer is back. She has a chance of getting into a new and experimental treatment program. Medically, it is her only chance.

Our congregation, not to mention the woman, her husband, her parents, and her extended family are all having a test of faith. Will she get into this treatment? Will it be effective? Will this woman in her thirties live to see her forties? We are all asking for God in his mercy to show us a miracle. We are depending on the words of Jesus in Luke’s gospel of the persistent widow who is granted justice. We have started a 24 hour a day prayer marathon for her. 

Will you join us? If you are reading  this, I ask you to join in this marathon. Please take time out of your day, and the weeks and months ahead, to pray for Maria, and her healing. We need a miracle. Perhaps God will hear us and, in his mercy, grant us one. 

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