Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 16 May 20, 2019 Rain Drops On The Window: How Great Thou Art

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 16

May 20, 2019

Rain Drops On The Window: How Great Thou Art

We in North Jersey have grown quite tired of rain. We are, of course, used to rain every spring, yet, this year many of us have grown tired of it. We are wondering if the sun will ever be seen again. And yet in the midst of weather despair, I heard a woman say how much she was enjoying hearing the ping of raindrops on her windows. 

She is an elder from a nearby Presbyterian church. Our congregation, and hers are planning our yearly Vacation Bible School. We were wrapping up a meeting when she explained how beautiful that sound was. Those of us at the meeting were aghast. How could one tolerate this rainy weather pattern?

She explained that she received her first hearing aid when she was only ten years old. It did not help her any. All it did was amplify background noises. Her second one, she explained, was better.  Over the years, as technology has improved, she has upgraded her hearing aids. She now has a system that links her television set to her hearing system. She is able to hear the television from another room.

Most recently, her latest hearing aid has added new frequencies of sound that she had never heard before. Among them is the sound of raindrops. Until recently, she had never been able to hear the sound of raindrops on windows. Now, she can and she rejoices in hearing this new sound. What sounds annoying to us, is a glorious new sound, just one of the glorious noises of God’s creation.

I’ve been complaining about our rain but I have never thanked God that I had the ability to hear it. I’m now feeling guilty for my lack of gratitude. The next time I do hear rain on my window I hope I’ll show proper gratitude and remember to say, “God, How Great Thou Art.”

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