Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 28

September 9, 2019


I am back from vacation. I spent a glorious vacation first at my cabin in New York State, and then a weekend at the Jersey Shore at a reunion of my wife’s family. In between I met new friends, connected with old friends, reconnected with my wife’s childhood friends, and even took my young grandson for his first canoe ride on a lake. It was a wonderful time away. When I left, our weather was hot and humid. Now that I am back, the evening air is cool and crisp. To everything there is a season.

King Solomon, perhaps, said it best in the book of Ecclesiastes as he explained that “for everything there is a season.” It is good for all of us to have our get away and enjoy a vacation. It is also good for us to return and get ourselves back to work. We cannot have energy to work without our time away. Nor can we earn a living without our time of working. We cannot work without eating, but we never we will get anything done if we sat and ate all day. Everything we do has a season.

Where does God fit into our “seasons for everything?” Do we give God his season? Do we ignore him because he is invisible and we pay attention only to those things that we can see? Often we live with anxiety because we are made in God’s image and were made to have fellowship with him, yet we ignore him. We don’t get the spiritual refreshment from daily prayer and weekly worship. We are to busy “doing” and not taking time for being still and let God be in fellowship with us.

Yes, to everything there is a season, let us never exclude God from our season. We lose the vitality, the fellowship, the peace and joy that only he can give. Give God his season. It will give you a boost in all that you do.

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