Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 39 November 25, 2019 Celebrating Faith

Here in Bergenfield we are celebrating our 125th anniversary. We have celebrated a number of events during this past year and they have been well attended and well received. New and old residents have come together to share the long history of our town.

Last afternoon our town held the latest of our celebrations; an interfaith celebration. It was held at the high school auditorium and featured presentations and testimonies by eight different faith communities. We sang, prayed, listened to one another and celebrated the faith that each group brought to share.

The differences of musical presentations were rather extreme ranging from an ancient chant performed by an Orthodox Christian Church, to a Psalm in Hebrew taught to us by a Rabbi, to the upbeat music of Latin Pentecostal churches. The music was very different, but all praised our creator. It was a holy and sacred event.

Someday, when the faithful arrive in paradise, we shall meet many different types of faithful people. Yesterday we received a small taste of that future paradise. It tasted good. The faithful of Bergenfield shined the light of God brightly yesterday. May we continue to do so that our town might be full of God’s light.

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