Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 40 December 2, 2019 Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day has always been a wonderful time for me. One of my greatest memories of this day was watching The March of the Wooden Soldiers on television while smelling the turkey cook in the electric roaster. Each commercial I would run into the kitchen to look through the window on top of the roaster to see the turkey cook. I would have removed the top to look except my mother always forbid me from doing this. To this day I love the smell of turkey cooking in an electric roaster which I purchased several years ago. Thanksgiving is still a wonderful day.

This year, at church, and at home, we began Thanksgiving dinner began with each person sharing what he/she was most thankful for during the year. We also told of our number one hope for the next year. It was fun to hear from each person and this conversation enabled us to get to know one another on a very deeper level than we all had previously known. I do hope to repeat this ritual during future Thanksgiving celebrations.

I wonder why we only “give thanks” once every year. Should we not be thankful each and every day? I have gone through difficult times in my life and yet, even in those times, my life has been easy compared to the lives that millions of people around the world live. My worst day is better than the days of the majority of people on the earth. Should we not be as thankful every day of our lives as we are on Thanksgiving Day?

This is a challenge to everyone reading this. Will you join me each day of the year in articulating what we are most thankful for at that time, and our hope for the next day? I bet that if we practiced thanksgiving every day and not on one day, our peace and joy will increase and our joy will be contagious. Let us celebrate Thanksgiving Life, not just Thanksgiving Day.

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