Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 42 December 16, 2019 A Restaurant That Honors Veterans

Last week we welcomed back my son-in-law from his army deployment. Naturally, we wanted to take him out to a fine dinner to celebrate his homecoming. Gluten free is a necessity in our family. My daughter quickly used her gluten-free app and found Brasserie Memere in Closter. I had never heard of it, but it sounded good. 

We had two glitches before starting. The first was that the ceremony went much later than we expected. We had to call the restaurant to ask for the reservations to be delayed. The second came with our numbers. We had planned dinner for the five of us and two babies. At the armory, Marco’s mother’s family was there to greet Marco. They wished to join the celebration also. We called the restaurant to add reservations. Our original number was now doubled. The management assured us that this was no problem. We were greeted warmly.

We were seated graciously by owner Evelyn Ciszak. I mentioned to the waiter that we were honoring Marco who was home from deployment. In response to this, the service was overwhelming! Co-owner Peter Chin came over to greet us and thank Marco for his service to our country. The waiter was unbelievable attentive. It was a fine dinner. I’m the world’s biggest cheapskate. I complain about the price of White Castle.  Even I admit that the food was worth the menu prices. 

I began to get a bit annoyed at the wait to order desert. Sensing my impatience, the waiter came to explain that we were getting desert for free and it was being made specially for us. The owner wished to honor Marco’s military service. Soon one of the owners came with our free deserts and presented it to us; Macaroons. There were plenty of them for all of us and two left over.

The owners chatted with us some more. They really wanted to honor us for having a veteran in the family and they showed their appreciation. How many individuals go out of their way to honor veterans? Many of us give lip-service to honoring veterans. This couple lost money in doing Marco honor. I will certainly be back to show my appreciation.

If you are in Closter, please stop by and visit Mr. Chin and Evelyn Ciszak at Brasserie Memere, 107 Vervalen St. in Closter. They are worthy of our support.

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