Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 08 February 24, 2020 A Cocoon is a Deacon

I realize that it is unusual to have a cocoon as a church deacon. Cocoons are usually not baptized, much less made into deacons. In this case a church member was ordained as a deacon and only later became a cocoon. Maybe this needs a bit more of an explanation.

One of our premier deacons has had significant health issues in her life. Many have been orthopedic problems. Several months ago, she had the first of two knee replacements. More recently she has had her second knee replaced. For this, she is still in rehabilitation. On one of my visits with her I asked how she was doing. Usually the answer to such a question is a very simple and short answer. This woman, however, is to bright and articulate to answer so quickly. Her answer was a bit more elaborate. 

“I am in pain,” she explained, “but the pain is good. I’m in a cocoon and the pain means I am breaking free of it. Soon I will be emerging as something better. Then the pain will be over.”

I wish that I could construct words as well as she can. She described the hope that we live in as Christians in a fallen world as well as the varied emotions of Lent. During Lent we feel the pains of knowing that we have not lived up to the standards that Christ has for us, and we lament this. Yet, we know, we are in the process of being redeemed, sanctified, made more Christ-like each and every day.  We are in pain from our sin, but that will not last forever.

God’s deacon that I know is a cocoon. I guess all Christians are. Have a blessed Lent. 

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