Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 17 April 27, 2020 Heroes in Hard Times Part Four

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 17

April 27, 2020

Heroes in Hard Times

Part Four

We are inundated with bad and scary news. During this month I will be doing blogs that celebrate heroes in our congregation. I hope that you gain some inspiration from these and receive a respite from the bad news that the media continues to feed us.

This is a shout out to Jeff Ambrosino who owns Nick’s Pizza on Main Street in Bergenfield. Don’t ask me why “Jeff” owns “Nick’s.” That is not part of this story. I get lunch from Nick’s fairly regularly. I am grateful that is was recommended to me when I first came to town almost fourteen years ago.  I’m usually there at least once a week. Often I meet people there that I know. I haven’t ever had a bad meal there but that isn’t part of the story.

Many police officers, fire fighters and ambulance corps members eat lunch there also and it is always a privilege to connect with them. Since the lock-down for the Covid-19 virus Jeff wanted to do something good for these first responders in our town and in adjoining towns. For those of you who do not know our area, the hotspot for Covid-19 is Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck. That is the town that is just south of us. We know, or know people who know, many of the first responders in the “hotspot.”

Jeff collects money from customers. For every five dollars he collects, he makes and donates a pizza to first responders and health care workers. Five dollars for a pizza? Those are yesterday’s prices. He clearly is contributing from his own resources. Well done, Jeff! Thank you.

Please support this cause. Come into Nick’s Pizza at 44 W Main St. in Bergenfield and put some money in the jar for this wonderful cause. Buy some lunch while you are there. What are my favorites? Either the Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich or the Stromboli!

Thank you, Jeff, for what you are doing. May we all imitate this behavior.

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