Heroes in Hard Times

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 19

May 11, 2020

Heroes in Hard Times

Part Six

We are inundated with bad and scary news. During this month I will be doing blogs that celebrate heroes in our congregation. I hope that you gain some inspiration from these and receive a respite from the bad news that the media continues to feed us.

This blog is a shout out to our newest church member who is battling Covid-19 in our state of New Jersey. He is Sergeant Marco Paez. He is part of a National Guard group who is doing important work in fighting the epidemic that has afflicted the whole world but has made New Jersey one of the “hotspots” of this virus. In the past he has been deployed to the Horn of Africa to help secure a United Nation’s base. Now he defends all of us from disease.

Marco has been assigned to be part of the 57th Group Task Force 2nd 113th Charlie Company.  He is activated at the Edison Convention Center. This building is a Covid-19 testing  center. The more testing that we do, the fewer virus carriers we will have. Testing is important.

It is sad but true that security is needed at our testing centers. One would hope that under such common threat, that people would behave well. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world and not everyone behaves well. Sergeant Paez is part of the security force that keeps order as people come in and wait to be tested. There would be chaos without these brave members of our National Guard.

The soldiers who have wives and children have an exceptionally difficult duty. To avoid any chance of them catching and spreading this virus to their families, they are housed near where they work. Only once a week they are allowed to go home to be a comfort to their spouses and families. These men and women spend a lot of time isolated from their loved ones as they do this work. The lives of military families is never easy!

Today we thank Marco and the members of the 57th Group Task Force for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. We are safer because they are diligent and self-sacrificing. Please say prayers of protection for Marco and these brave men and women.

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