Do No Harm!

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 27

July 6, 2020

Do No Harm!

I don’t like restrictions. They annoy me. Yes, it is annoying that our climate of social distancing precludes us from reaching out and hugging one another. Yes, I miss leaning on a lunch counter and enjoying a diner meal. I even resent having to speak to the owner of the deli through plastic sheeting. And yet, I do all of these things because the last thing that I wish to do is to contract, and carry, Covid-19 to another person. I was taught that “do no harm” applies to every aspect of life. Those of us who strive to be obedient to Jesus, have an extra obligation to “do no harm.” Jesus warned the people that he interacted with that there are heavy consequences when we harm other people. For those in the Christian faith community, we have not just an obligation to “do no harm” but also to be obedient to Jesus.

It galls me, therefore, when groups, who claim to be disciples of Jesus, don’t take this ethic seriously. When I read in the media of large congregations meeting, despite local laws, and challenging these laws of distancing, I get angry. When I hear people, who claim to be Christian, insisting that they can ignore best practices because “God will protect them,” I bristle and wish that I could do something to confront them. When Christians act like this they put God to the test; something that the Bible tell us is wrong.

I hope that those without faith, when they see such reckless behavior, and actions that put God to the test, do not lump all of us Christians together. Most of us as individuals, as well as denominations, do not put God to the test. Most of us act responsibly for the sake of protecting our neighbors. This honors God.

Please, if you ever meet such people, ask them to mask and socially distance for the sake of others. Ask them in the name of Jesus, to stop putting God to the test. These are serious matters that effect our neighbors as well as our relationship to God. Please, please, please, let us do no harm and let us never put God to the test.

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