What Is Your Sign?

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 29

July 20, 2020

What Is Your Sign?

“What is your sign?” is a question that I have been asked when meeting someone new. This question obviously refers to the astrological signs. I know a bit about these. My Godfather used to do extensive star charts and was always explaining things by astrology and where certain stars were at the time of your birth. I don’t know where and how he got so interested in astrology but I do know that it gave him a very fatalistic view of life. According to him, if the stars had dictated something there was precious little that you could do about it.

Several years ago, I counselled a woman for several session before she ended the sessions. She also believed in astrology. One of the issues that she and I dealt with was her constant criticism of everyone around her. When I challenged her on this, her response was always the same, “I’m a Virgo. We are very critical.” I was never, in the few times we met, able to get her to see that the stars did not control her. I could not get her to understand that she could change how she did things.

Our recent scripture lessons in church have included the writings of Paul in his letter to the early church in Rome. In this letter he describes that when we become Christians we are endowed with the Holy Spirit. This Spirit gives us the ability to change and to do new things. Yes, the pull of old habits die hard, but we are able, one step at a time, to remake our lives. This is a different view than that of Astrology or Fatalism.

It is never easy to change old ways and habits but these old trends are not set in concrete. No, our lives are not pre-determined by stars. We have the ability to grow and change if we are filled with the Holy Spirit. With God, everything is possible. Don’t let the astrologers fool you. Are you in a bad place? Don’t despair. This bad place does not have to last forever. Embrace the Holy Spirit and walk toward bright new tomorrows.

Maybe in the future if someone asks me “what is your sign” I’ll show them a cross and tell them, “the sign of Jesus.”

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