Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 37

October 26, 2020

In Appreciation…

Recently a church member took one of her frequent trips to the Amish country near Lancaster, PA. I asked her to bring me back a chicken pot pie. I love chicken pot pie and have a special affection for those from the Amish country. She brought me one back, but refused to allow me to reimburse her. She told me that this was “pastor appreciation month” and that this was a gift. I enjoyed the pie, and it felt good to receive a token of appreciation.

It is always nice to feel appreciated. I wonder why I don’t express appreciation more to those around me. I’m not ungrateful for the things people do for me but there are times when I get busy enough with life that I forget to show appreciation to them. It is a failing that I have at times. I get used to the good service that I receive and overlook showing true appreciation. Perhaps this is a growing spiritual edge for me; to be more appreciative of those around me and the fine services they perform for myself and others.

While we are showing appreciation. Perhaps we should show more appreciation for God. It is, after all,  God that gives us our very lives and has made us who we are with all the gifts and talents that we have. Yes, we have worked hard for what we have received and yet it is God who has set up our potential. Have we shown appreciation to God.

How does one show appreciation to God. Shall we buy God a Lancaster chicken pot pie? How about sending God a greeting card? Shall we buy God a dozen roses? What would show proper appreciation to God for all that we have received? Perhaps we should show appreciation by doing what Jesus, God on earth in human form, told us to do. He told us to obey the ten commandments and to share what we have with those who have less. Do we appreciate what God has done for us? Let us show some appreciation by doing these things.

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