A Christian Village at its best

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 39

November 16, 2020

A Christian Village at its best

I received an email recently from Family Promise. This is the group that, among other things, coordinates feeding of homeless as well as economically insecure people in our area. Several times a year our congregation cooks, transports and serves food to these needy people. We have been doing this for decades. This email was a bit tentative, asking if we were still willing and able to do the serving at this time. Apparently many groups who do this have not been doing it because of Corona. Of course, I know our faithful people and confidently told the folks from Family Promise that we would be there.

Procedures because of the virus have changed. We no longer can serve people in the shelter. Those who lived there have been housed in hotels. Others who live on their own but in the past have come for dinner now come to get take-out dinners. In short, we now prepared food for take-outs instead of people eating in. Yet our faithful folks did what they always do; rise to the occasion. This blog is a shout-out to these people.

Deacon Judy did the shopping along with her son, JR.

Deacons Dave and Barbara came to do the cooking.

Elder Marilyn baked and packaged 100 bags of cookies. She has been doing the cookies as long as anyone can remember.

Deacon Barbara made another 50 bags of homemade cookies.

Deacon Judy and her husband, Norman, packaged the rolls along with butter packets.

Of course, Lillian prepared and packaged all of equipment that we would need. She also has been doing this for years.

A shining star this year was Michael. Michael loves doing this work and wishes that we did it more often. To make sure that he could do it, he took a week’s vacation off from work. He did the reheating of the food, mixed the salad, transported the food and helped me serve the food into the take-out containers.

Our efforts fed almost 150 hungry people. Well done, Christian Village of Clinton Avenue Reformed Church. You did well.

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