God’s Ripples of Mission

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

Blog Number 41

November 30, 2020

God’s Ripples of Mission

From the beginning of the Corona plague until mid-October, we held our worship service only on-line. We held a re-opening on October 15. How this happened was that in September a number of church members requested this. These members were tired of worshiping on a computer screen. We posted the re-opening date on our church sign and without knowing it, opened a path to a whole new mission.

Anna, an immigrant to our area from Honduras, works in our area and saw our sign announcing our in-person worship. She came to join us for worship and then became part of our Wednesday’s Women (prayer) Warriors. During a meeting of this group, she shared her concerns about the twin hurricanes, Eta and Iota, that battered her homeland. She came here to seek better opportunities, much like many of our parents and grandparents did. Yet, she still has many families and friends in Honduras that she worries about. Many people that she knows in her hometown lost everything.

Quickly the Wednesday’s Women decided that they wanted to organize a mission to help Anna’s friends and relatives. In concert with our mission chairwoman, they devised a way to collect and ship donated relief items. Of course, our members responded and we received large amounts of donations to help relieve the Honduran suffering.

This evening is the time that we will be packing the donations and getting them ready for shipment. That will be, possibly, only the first of a number of donated shipments.

Can you see God’s hand in this? Members got discontented, the consistory responded, a woman sees our announcement, she joins us, Christian women are moved to help, and faithful Christians respond. I am sure that God had a hand in this. Now dozens of people will be blessed because of this chain of events. We cannot underestimate the little things that God can use. God is wonderfully at work in the world. May we always be so willing to respond to these opportunities.

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