Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 15

April 12, 2021

My NY Mets Sabbatical and Return

I took a sabbatical from the Mets last year. I only watched two games and felt completely un-excited. I even completely skipped watching any of the World Series. I’m not quite sure why but I have a few ideas.

Maybe it was the beginning of the Corona-19 crisis. We all got a little preoccupied with that and how to stay alive and still maintain the most normal life that was possible for us.

Perhaps it was grief. Early on in our plague two of my mentors died of Covid-19, and my sister died of a sudden heart attack. Perhaps in my grief, I was not ready to enjoy the game. I think that my sister’s death especially took away my baseball joy. She was the biggest Met fan in the world. After she died I knew that we would never talk about the Mets again.

Another possibility was the delay in the season. In my mind, the first baseball games are to start with crisp, spring air. Last year the season was delayed until July, and then we didn’t get to hear fans cheer, boo, and rebuke the players and umpires.

Now I am back and enjoying baseball once more. My Mets sabbatical is over and I am, again, loving baseball games. I’m back and it almost feels as though I never left watching games. Sometimes we just need a break from things to enjoy how good they are when we return.

During this pandemic, and our improvement of on-line worship, I am noticing that folks who have been apart from the church are re-engaging online. For whatever reason, some folks felt the need to distance but are now returning. I am thrilled to see them back. Welcome home! It doesn’t matter why you felt the need to leave it is good to see you re-engaging. I hope that you will again feel the peace and joy of worship that you once knew. I pray that your return will be a blessing to you. If there is any way that I can make your return a blessing, please let me know. It is a thrill to have your Church sabbatical at and end and to see you back once more.

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