Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 19

May 10, 2021


I love driving with a manual transmission. I realize that driving a clutch is rare. Fewer and fewer people know how to drive a clutch. Indeed, ten years ago when my car, who calls herself “Irma,” came to live with me I had a long search to find one made with a clutch. They are rare. This week, Irma’s clutch died close to a busy intersection. My clutch locked up the transmission and I had to be towed in. Now I am re-learning the joy of walking.

Walking is something I enjoy but always seem to avoid because I always seem to be in a hurry. Walking is still slower, but probably better for me. This weekend, an elder of my congregation hurt his leg. He is in a cast and has difficulty walking. I bet that he would love to be able to do the pain-free walking that I have been doing.

Half dozen years ago I had surgery and walking hurt. A rather loving but stern nurse who is a congregational elder came to visit me at the parsonage. The first thing that she told me was, “get up. You are going to take a walk.” The walk hurt but she was gracious and at the end of the walk she had me stop at the local Dunkin Donuts. The walk was worth the jelly donuts that she treated me too. She took me on several walks during my convalescence. These walks hurt but they were good therapy.

Now, until my clutch is replaced, I’m doing a lot of walking. It is quite a blessing. I’m observing gardens that I had never noticed before. I am admiring houses that I had driven by many times but never really appreciated. I guess that the breakdown of my 91,000-mile clutch has been a real blessing. Will I learn from this? Probably not. When my car is fixed I’ll probably be back driving and missing the wonderful sights I have seen during my walks. Or perhaps I’ll smarten up and take regular walks and once more enjoy the beautiful sights all around me.

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