Abraham’s Tears

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 21

May 24, 2021

Abraham’s Tears

There is now a cease fire between Hamas in Gaza and forces of the Israeli Military. Thank God this recent violence between these two has ended. I don’t believe that it ended quickly enough. I read a report that in Gaza there are 248 dead including 66 children and 1,900 people wounded. In Israel 1 soldier and 12 civilians are dead including 2 children. Hundreds are wounded. It breaks my heart when the children of Abraham act violently to one another.

I know Jews, including some who spent time living in Israel who can explain how Israel is the righteous party in Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Likewise I know Christians who have lived in the region, as well as a few Christians who have spent time in Palestine, who can list the ways that Palestine is the righteous party and Israel is the oppressor.

I was always taught that whenever there is a conflict there is “your side,” the “other side” and next to these sides lies the “truth.” Neither side can tell us the objective “truth.” Each side wants to believe in its own righteousness and its own claim to the land at the expense of the other.

Jews claim that this land is a gift to them from God. It was promised to them, and given to them, by God through the covenant with Abraham. The scripture that I read tells me that Abraham had two sons; Isaac and Ishmael. The Arabs, descendants of Ishmael, have a claim on this land as do the descendants of Isaac. I read that the land was given to all of Abraham’s offspring, not just one side of the family tree.

I pray that Israel and Palestine will come to accept one another as brothers, each entitled to live in the land. I pray that each side of the family will acknowledge that the other has the right to live lives that are free of violence. I pray that these brothers and sisters will stop trying to grab land from the other and grant each other full legal and civil rights.

Until that day comes, more innocent lives will be lost through violence between brothers and sisters and the more tears Abraham will shed. How horrible it must be for him to look down from heaven as his offspring kill each other. I can’t imagine that God is pleased either. Children of Abraham, I pray that you will learn to live together, respect each other, as well as cherish and love each other. Stop you father Abraham from crying.

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