You Have A Weapon! Hurt No One

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 31

August 2, 2021

Vacation Blog #1

Pastor Mark is on vacation and is not writing blogs now. He pre-wrote and uploaded these vacation blogs before leaving on vacation. Because they are dated they may or may not reflect current event.

You Have A Weapon! Hurt No One

The week before I left for vacation I was hospital calling when I hit traffic. Anyone I know will tell you how I hate traffic. I was grumbling about the delay. I stopped grumbling when I saw the reason for the delay. There was a collision between a car and someone on a bicycle. I realized that my problem, sitting in traffic, was nothing compared to the drama of those involved in the traffic accident.

I saw this incident and I could once more hear the words of my high school driving teacher. He always told us that someday when we were driving cars we would “be handling a weapon.” He then advised us to “hurt no one.”

Sometimes we forget just how much harm, or blessing we can bring to others. Our lives matter. We do have influence, for better or worse, upon those around us. We forget this at our own peril, and possible the peril of others. In governing our lives, we can bless or curse others by what we do or what we do not do.

At work do our co-workers celebrate our presence or feel dread when we arrive? Family, friends, retailers, do these folks celebrate us or are we the cause of harm?

Each and every day our lives can bless or curse. Let us use our lives well. “You have a weapon.” “Hurt no one!”

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