Living Saints

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2021 Blog Number 45

November 8, 2021

Living Saints

Last week we celebrated “All Saints Day” during our worship. It is our custom during this celebration to read off the names of our church members who entered God’s nearer presence during the prior year. We celebrate the lives of those saints who are no longer with us but who have arrived in God’s kingdom. This blog focuses on two saints who still live with us on earth yet are truly saints as God calls us to be.

Specifically, I’ll be paying tribute to, and thanking God for, two of our elders, Elaine and Leslie, who really know what it is to be a disciple of Jesus. For six months they have been giving service above and beyond in caring for another elder who has been declining recently and has become in need of a high level of care in a memory care unit.

This declining elder has no family nearby. Her nearest relative is a niece in Chicago. The woman declining lives with us here in New Jersey. Who would help this woman? I have been her power of attorney and manage her money for her but organizing, packing and moving her was beyond the hours that I could take time for. I brought this concern to the board of elders and, as usually occurs, God raises up faithful elders to assist. Elder Elaine and Elder Leslie, rose to the challenge. They organized, packed, and got Elder Joan ready to move to a place where she could receive greater care. Without these elders Joan would have had a much more difficult time with her relocation.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate God’s faithful people until they die and speak nicely about them at the wake. Such a practice is not good enough for Elder Elaine and Elder Leslie. They deserve to hear this sentiment of gratitude.

Thank you, Ladies. You have been a fine example of what the church of Christ should be. You did great work and blessed a declining lady. May we all follow your example. I learned years ago never to underestimate spirit-filled elders. These two remind me of that every time I see them.

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