Celebrating An Episcopal Church Bumper Sticker

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2022 Blog #25

June 27, 2022

Celebrating An Episcopal Church Bumper Sticker

Several weeks ago I took a trip into New York State to attend a family wedding. The trip took seven hours each way. When I was young and making twelve hour trips back and forth to Michigan, such long car trip were fun adventures. Now, forty five years later, these long road trips are lacking in fun or adventure for me. Sometimes, in order to pay attention, I sit and read bumper stickers. On this trip, I found one that I love, compliments of the Episcopal Church.

The bumper sticker proclaimed, “We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement.”

When I saw this  sticker I could not help but smile in pride at the faithful boldness of the Episcopal Church. This group of Christians, with this proclamation, is witnessing to the world that it is affiliated with Christ and his church. I can’t help but appreciate, and envy, this act of faithful witness.

I wish that the Reformed Church in America would participate in such an activity. Such a gesture would, I believe, have three effects; the first to get Jesus’ name out before the world. The second would be to get the name of the Reformed Church in America out before the world. Our history is storied but with our small size, we lack any real name recognition. The third would be to proclaim that we are part of a larger movement. Sometimes we feel as though we witness to Jesus all alone. No! The Jesus Movement is a lot bigger and broader than any of the small pieces that we know personally. The Jesus Movement is worldwide and every culture, language and race, participates in this movement.

Yes, we need to celebrate our brand of Christianity. Yes, we need to proclaim Jesus. Yes we need to celebrate that Jesus is a worldwide movement. Maybe bumper stickers might just be a way to begin.

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I have been a Reformed Church in America pastor and Christian Author since 1984. In addition I am certified Crisis Counselor, certified Disaster Chaplain and have two units of Clinical Pastoral Education.

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