What was the best part of your vacation?

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2022 Blog #36

September 12, 2022

What was the best part of your vacation?

I’m back from my vacation for a week now. My leisurely activities at my cabin have ended until next August. Several people have asked me what I did on vacation. It is a long list. I finished my second book, canoed, toured the studio of the sculptor who designed the Lincoln Memorial, cooked at an engagement party, and played with my grandsons. It was a wonderful vacation. One other set of events stand out for me. I was able to sit at worship. I could find the peace and joy of worship.

As a congregational pastor, it is difficult to sit and feel the peace and joy of worship. Leading worship is a difficult juggling act. One must keep a sermon within your head. One must be ready to trouble-shoot any last minute difficulties. A few congregants always wish to ask the pastor something about “business” just before church. Such problems could always wait until Monday or a least to fellowship hour following worship but inevitably some people want these conversations a few minutes before worship begins.

It is hard to feel Christ’s peace as your mind is swirling and you worry about details of worship. It is hard to “be still” before God when you are active in many directions leading worship. Leading worship by nature is “doing” but to feel Christ’s presence it is often necessary to be still and hear the Holy Spirit.

On vacation it is different. No one is asking you to lead worship. On vacation I can sit in church and not worry about how things are going. During vacation I can sit silently and listen to prayers and sermons. These are wonderful blessings.

This past August I sat in church and worshipped. Some weeks I sat with children and grandchildren. I celebrated being able to worship with my grandsons on my knees demonstrating to them how one sits worshipfully in church. I could sit peacefully and let God speak to me.

What was the best part of my vacation? Sitting with my Grandsons and worshipping God with my friends at First Reformed Church of Wynantskill. That was a wonderful blessing. If you are reading this and not active in church worship I suggest that you find a church to worship in. It might just help you find Christ’s peace.

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