Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 32 October 7, 2019 Sunday Dinner De-Stress

Recently a number of my friends shared a post on Facebook that originated on NBC. It was a plea to bring back the family tradition of Sunday Dinner. Many of us grew up with this tradition. I really enjoyed the article and I endorse it. Sunday dinner is a way to bond, catch up with one another, and support one another. Sunday dinner for many of us was something that brings back many happy memories.

Obviously, the network is a secular network and would not mention the other part of our childhood tradition; attending church first before we enjoyed Sunday dinner. First we prayed and sang together and only after that did we eat together. While I appreciate the encouragement to bring back Sunday family dinners, I would add the need to bring back Sunday church attendance.

Many parents I know who grew up with these traditions lament that they do not currently practice them. They claim to be too “busy” for family church or family dinners. They are involved with other activities that make these traditions impossible. I wonder if they “can’t” or “won’t.” Isn’t missing Sunday church and dinner a choice.

Yes, we can choose to be busy on Sunday with clubs and sports or we can choose church and family dinner. No, we can’t do it all, but we have  the power to choose. If family church and family dinner made us into the fine people that we are, why would we choose to deprive our children of such blessings? Is there really anything more important than giving God the reverence that God is entitled to?

We live rapid-paced lives and feel the stress of those lives but that is our choice. Why not choose quieter, more peaceful lives? This is an invitation to de-stress. Make church a choice, followed by a Sunday family dinner. The peace that you receive will be a wonderful gift to yourself.

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