Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 33 October 14, 2019 Chicken Rotisseries and Transformative Love

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been on a two-year quest to find a Chicken Rotisserie. I love the taste of Rotisserie Chicken but would rather cook it myself than buy one at the local grocery. Perhaps I am foolish but I enjoy the craft of cooking for myself. My last Rotisserie burned out and I have been searching garage sales looking for a replacement. I’m too frugal to pay full retail price. My garage sale searches have been fruitless.

This weekend my daughter did a quick search on Facebook Marketplace. She found me a never-used rotisserie in the next town for a fraction of the retail price. Within an hour, she and I were picking it up from a woman who had purchased it, never used it, and sat it on a shelf. This un-loved, un-used rotisserie quickly found a home where it was loved and appreciated. It cooked its first chicken for me just a little more that 24 hours after it came home with me. In the right hands, with a little appreciation, it transformed from being unloved and useless to an appreciated member of my kitchen appliance collection.

I wish that every person would find a relationship that moves one from being un-used and useless to being purposeful and appreciated. I imagine that this is what mentoring is all about. I am a person who was changed and transformed by such a mentor. The person that I was entering college and the person that I was upon graduation was due to a wonderful Christian man who saw the good in me. I went from aimless to purposeful in those years of mentoring.

If you are feeling aimless, I encourage you to locate a mature Christian who can mentor you. If you are a mature Christian I encourage you to find someone without purpose and become that individual’s mentor. A relationship with the right person can, and will be, transformative. Let us mentor, and be mentored, in Jesus’ name.

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