Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 44 December 30, 2019 Farewell To Don Imus the Impure Prophet

Don Imus, perhaps the most famous name in radio, died last Friday. Since his retirement in March of 2018 I have hoped that he would come back. Now, these hopes are vanquished. I used to listen to him daily and still have never found a radio station to listen to daily.

He was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. He has been fired for bigoted rants, has been accused of sexual harassment, and has been discharged for being intoxicated at work. He has been sued in court and has settled several lawsuits out of court. So why was I so attracted to him?

I appreciate his generosity. Published sources claim that he is responsible for raising 40 million dollars to fund the CJ foundation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His name is on the pediatric center at Hackensack Medical Center. I don’t know how much he contributed to get his name on the building. For years he ran a ranch for children with cancer. Some would recover, others would not. He did more for charitable causes than anyone else that I have heard of.

What I appreciate most is that he held people of authority to account. When interviewing politicians, he never treated them in a special way but treated them as people who were hired to serve us. Often he asked them questions that I wish I had the chance to ask them. He many ways he was a prophet who would tell politicians what they needed to hear but whom other media members would not dream of asking.

Imus also had prophetic words for Christians as well. In 2012, amid the Vatican Butler scandal, he asked the hard question, “why would the Pope have a butler? Jesus acted as a butler to his disciples, why should the pope not be a butler.” His point is well taken. Christians claim to imitate Jesus and we need to hear about it when we do not.

Imus said things that needed to be said and asked questions that needed to be asked. He spoke important prophet words. I thank God that I had years to hear him and pray that God will raise up another prophet to take his place. He wasn’t perfect but what prophet ever was?

Rest in Christ’s presence, I-man.

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