Monday Ministerial Musings By Rev. Mark William Ennis Blog Number 01 January 6, 2020 A Blessed Year

A Blessed Year

I hear a lot of people still making “New Year’s Resolutions.” I thought that this tradition had died out years ago because no one that I know keeps resolutions more than a week into the new year. The only resolution that I make is the one to make no resolutions. This one I have kept for years.

One of my problems with resolutions is that always looking to improve keeps us distracted from how many blessings we really have. Anyone reading this is more blessed than most of the residents on this planet. I wonder if it is time to end the custom of resolutions and begin instead to start a new custom of “blessings.”

I got this idea from a friend on Facebook who posted a picture that got me thinking of this new tradition. The picture is attached below. What if instead of resolutions we focus on the blessings that we receive. How about weekly, or daily, we write what we are grateful for and put that into a jar. At the end of 2020, we each open our jars and read all the blessings that we were grateful for. I bet that we will forget many of these things that we were once grateful for. Opening the jar will remind us of those things that we were blessed with.

Will you join me in counting blessing rather than making resolutions? The more we pay attention to our blessings, and focus on them, the more we will appreciate them, and the fine lives we live. Our troubles will seem insignificant in comparison. Please, take this challenge and feel gratitude each and every day.

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