Halloween Outreach

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2022 Blog #44

November 7, 2022

Halloween Outreach

Years ago I was told that “Halloween is a Satanic holiday, and no real Christian would celebrate it.”

I was a little curious about this statement when I first heard it. I had enjoyed Halloween my whole life. Since I could remember I went trick or treating around the neighborhood. Often I collected money for UNICEF. These UNICEF boxes were supplied by my Sunday school. Would Satan really approve of my collecting money for impoverished children? 

Over the years I met “Christian” people who claimed that the only proper way to celebrate was to dress in costumes of Bible Characters. No other costumes were considered acceptable.

A week ago, I happened to think of these opinions that I have heard over the years as I stood with my wife Pam at the Bergenfield Trunk or Treat party. We greeted thousands of children, gave out candy (about 5,000 pieces) and handed out fliers advertising our advent/Christmas programs. A number of parents expressed interest in our fliers and asked about our congregation and we had several wonderful conversations.

After the event was finished and I returned home to throw away the empty candy bags, I prayed for those people I spoke to about our congregation. I prayed that I would hear from them and that they would come and worship with us.

Halloween 2022 got us Christians out of our building to meet thousands of people.

Halloween 2022 gave us the opportunity to make thousands of children smile.

Halloween 2022 gave us the opportunity to invite thousands of people to our congregation.

If this is really a Satanic Holiday, Satan certainly had a bad day. My only concern is that it took a holiday to get us out of our building to talk to our neighbors. I wonder why we don’t do it more often. Maybe we ought to get out and meet more people more often.

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