Working Together

Monday Ministerial Musings

By Rev. Mark William Ennis

2022 Blog #45

November 14, 2022

Working Together

I have been intrigued by Amish culture for decades. I first heard about them in grammar school but never saw them or met them until I was in the eighth grade. Our eighth grade field trip was to Lancaster. After living in Jersey City, seeing the large farms, undeveloped property and the style of Amish dress, most of us thought that we had landed on another planet. Since this trip, I have read a bit about the Amish history and culture and have made a few return trips to Lancaster. I am intrigued by the culture.

Recently on Facebook I viewed a video that once more ignited my admiration of the Amish. In this video a structure which might be a small barn or perhaps it is a large shed, was being moved intact to another location. According to the caption, three hundred Amish men were moving this structure. They worked together and used all their strength to accomplish this. It shows how great works can be completed when everyone is working together for a common goal. I wish that the non-Amish world would learn this lesson

This past Tuesday we went to the polls and voted for and against various members of elected office. Some people were pleased with the results while others greatly disappointed by the various election outcomes. It is my hope and prayer that those elected, despite party affiliation, will work together in unity and not be adversaries because of prideful egos. I hope that they will work together for the common good of the citizens and not be motivated by self-interest.

If those elected to office can’t or won’t work together for the common good, I can’t help but wonder if we who can vote are not the ones to blame. How many of us actually vote? How many of us as a reflex vote by party without any creative thinking? Are we voting for those with extreme positions rather than moderate candidates who can best work with those of other parties. Are we to blame for our divisions? Perhaps it is time that we make the election changes that are required to get us working together, much like the Amish do. Maybe the lives of ordinary citizens would be improved by this.

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